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Anta KT7 low-top version is exposed for the first time!

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Curry is about to start the thirteenth season of his career, and Klay also ushered in the eleventh season of his career.

Both of them are over thirty, and their immature faces have long since faded.

13 three-pointers in a single game, 14 three-pointers in a single game. It seemed impossible for a team to have two shooters of this level ten years ago!

After so many years of cooperation, the tacit understanding of the Splash Brothers has penetrated into the emotional and soul levels.

In an interview with Warriors Media Day, Curry was asked about Klay's comeback in the home game.

Curry replied: "Klay will cry when he returns."
Now I'm already imagining the scene where the Splash Brothers fit together. "

The Splash Brothers may be one of the best backcourt combinations in NBA history. They bring brilliant basketball glory to the city of Golden State!

Both of them were Nike contract players when they first joined the league, but both changed their endorsement brands at a critical stage of their careers.
Their respective decisions have achieved a win-win situation for themselves and the endorsement brand, and brought huge boost to their endorsement brands!

Anta KT7 Low
Anta Innovation Conference released Anta Nitrogen Technology, KT7 is also ready to go on the market.

Now just wait for him to come back! After waiting too long, the man is finally coming back.

Sure enough, the spokesperson of conscience did not disappoint everyone on the media day and went straight to a pair of KT7 Low, which was first exposed.