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Anta Women's Gordon Hayward

On October 16, 2018, Celtics star small forward Gordon Hayward uploaded a set of photos on his social media. And announced that he has signed a contract with the Chinese sports brand Anta. Not only that, in the fall of next year, his signature shoes will be on the market to meet with fans.

He wrote on social media: "The new season is a new beginning. I am very happy to announce that I have signed with ANTA Sports. The Hayward signature shoes will be listed in the autumn of tomorrow. The big event is coming."

Gordon Hayward was born in Indiana, USA. During his two years at Butler University, he experienced the NCAA Finals. Then he was selected by the Utah Jazz with the 9th overall pick in the first round of the 2010 NBA Draft, becoming the highest-ranked graduate in the history of Butler University.

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