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Dragon Ball x Anta Men's Gordon Hayward GH1 “SHENRON”

Dragon Ball x Anta Men's Gordon Hayward GH1 “SHENRON”

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The three-dimensional flying detail of the shoe body outlines the scales of the dragon and dragon. The four planets of the tongue represent Hayward's four palm pearls: his wife and three lovely daughters. The white part of the shoelace buckle represents the teeth of Shenlong, and the Anta logo on the heel represents the horns of Shenlong. Both the outsole and the insole have the word Shenlong. The color of the insole is the color of Shenlong's mouth.

1. A-FLASHFOAM midsole + tiger paw texture bottom flower.
2. "Huya" TPU heel stable support structure.
3. A-SHOCK FIBER upper material brings strong and breathable.

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