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Anta Gordon Hayward GH2 - Pizza

Anta Gordon Hayward GH2 - Pizza

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Anta GH2 "Pizza" is built on the theme of pizza, using yellow and white as the base tone, and the details are decorated with red, green and black. The whole presents the visual effect of the pizza surface. The shape of the midsole is made of yellow and red, which looks like cheese sauce and pizza sauce. Interestingly, there is a small piece of pizza stitched on the heel, which is very interesting.

For a comfortable foot feel, the midsole uses ALTI-FLASH technology to provide sufficient rebound cushioning.

01 High rebound: 70% rebound rate brings better midsole energy feedback.
02 Anti-deformation: The new midsole material has better anti-deformation, which means that the stability of the midsole is improved.
03 Fatigue resistance: The performance declines more slowly, and it can still maintain good midsole performance after long-term wear.

Large arch TPU stabilization device, solid protection device, always go all out. Combined with the outsourcing tiger-tooth-shaped TPU, it provides strong lateral support and enhances anti-torsion protection.

Improve the support performance and three-dimensional wrapping, with the Huya TPU on the forefoot, three-dimensionally improve the wrapping of the upper, and dynamically lock to protect the foot, providing sufficient lateral support and stability.

The sole pattern design continues the tiger claw texture of the first generation, combined with wear-resistant rubber material, it improves the grip during exercise and brings a tiger-like touch-to-the-ground experience.

The anti-collision toe design reduces toe collision and makes sports safer. TPU tightening design on the heel strap, easy to put on and take off and adjust the wrapping feeling freely. Binding design, the new lacing system can effectively reduce the deviation of the tongue and make it more comfortable to wear.

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