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361° Aaron Gordon AG4 SE - Denver

361° Aaron Gordon AG4 SE - Denver

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Aaron Gordon AG4 SE AG Summer Edition—Gordon's Leap Booster

Design Concept
The SE AG Dynasty Summer Edition incorporates a unique design concept that fuses and unleashes cosmic energy. This shoe not only reflects the AG series' consistent philosophy of balance but also cleverly integrates elements beloved by Gordon, such as dice, aiming to propel his career to new heights. At the same time, it encourages Gordon to stay true to himself, finding his own balance and realm.

Fresh Summer Style
This summer edition sports shoe promises to storm the summer courts with Gordon, featuring a more transparent upper and refreshing color scheme.

Technical Highlights
TPU+TPEE Woven Zen Composite Upper: Offers lightweight yet robust wrapping.
Metallic Texture Logo: Adds a touch of style.
TPU Heel Counter for Anti-Rollover: Enhances stability.
Lightweight Mesh Midsole: Improves breathability.
Low Heel Drop Design: A 14mm forefoot and 19mm heel height, with a 5mm heel drop that helps release explosive energy.
Full-Length Carbon Critical Foam Midsole: The forefoot SOARING AREA launch zone provides high-elastic feedback.
SOAR PLATE Launch Plate: Ignites take-off energy.
Durable Rubber Outsole: Ensures longevity.

The SOAR SYSTEM, independently developed by 361°, is fine-tuned according to the athletes' jumping force characteristics. It enhances the fluidity from ground contact to the jump, improving power transfer, rebound, and response speed, thereby enhancing on-court performance.

Full-Length Carbon Critical Technology
The propulsion ratio can reach up to 75%, offering a powerful feedback and high elasticity.

Assistive Rebound Zones
The midsole and rubber's special undulating design, coupled with the SOAR PLATE front fork nylon propulsion plate, increase the material's rebound ratio, aiding in take-off.

Upper Upgrade
The upper is upgraded with a Zen composite weaving technology that is lightweight and strong without being cumbersome, while ensuring the strength of the wrap.

Support and Protection
The design that carries on the lineage provides additional support.

Strong Traction
The outsole uses durable rubber with anti-slip patterns, enhancing grip for quick stops and starts.

Technical Analysis
Midsole: The upgraded full-length carbon critical midsole, combined with the SOAR SYSTEM leap system, provides more powerful propulsion.
Upper: The fourth generation of Aaron Gordon's personal signature shoe for the summer edition is the lightest of all previous models, suitable for the playing style of swingmen and a wider audience.
This SE AG Dynasty Summer Edition sports shoe, with its innovative design and technology, provides athletes with excellent performance and a comfortable wearing experience, making it the top choice for the summer court.

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