Lu Xiaojun | Champion Brand Weightlifting Squat Shoes

Lu Xiaojun | Champion Brand Weightlifting Squat Shoes

Lu Xiaojun, born on July 27, 1984 in Qianjiang City, Hubei Province, is a Chinese male weightlifter who plays for the Chinese National Weightlifting Team.

He is one of the world's top weightlifters and has achieved excellent results in various weightlifting events such as the Olympic Games and Asian Games. Breaking world weightlifting records many times.

Lu Xiaojun's Olympic career

Since his first International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) competition in 2004, Xiao Jun has maintained his status as one of the most consistent, reliable and best-performing lifters on the Chinese team.

Xiaojun set several individual world records in the sport and won three gold medals at the Olympics:

Xiaojun in the Olympics
London 2012: 379kg total 77kg (gold)
Rio 2016: 77kg gross, 379kg gross (silver)
Tokyo 2020: Total weight 374kg, 81kg (gold medal)

Weightlifting is a project based on the weight of the lifted barbell, which requires extremely high physical strength and technique. A good pair of weightlifting shoes is essential for athletes. The ANTA tonnage class weightlifting shoes worn by Lu Xiaojun in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 have attracted the attention of the world.

When an athlete lifts and exerts force, the instep swells instantly. The upper must have enough wrapping and support to prevent the strength from being lost. The shoe must remain stable under heavy pressure to help the athlete stand firm.

In order to meet these conditions, the weightlifting shoes developed by Anta adopt many advanced technologies: the TALOON clinging system is used in the forefoot to provide stable support for the foot in all directions, and the original A-FORM cushioning technology is used in the heel and arch to absorb The heel impact reduces the chance of foot injury; the overall sole is made of super wear-resistant fiber, which is 2.5 times that of ordinary materials, bringing strong stability and grip; the upper is made of multi-layer fabrics for high-strength bonding, Even the shoe eyelets have a tension value exceeding the national standard by 40%.

Lu Xiaojun x Anta 1 Tonnage Class Weightlifting Shoes (Gold Customized Version)

What's more worth mentioning is that in order to keep the athletes stable under the weight of the barbell, the compression limit of these shoes exceeds 1 ton, which is equivalent to the weight of 14 adults, so they are known as "tonnage class weightlifting shoes".

 Anta 1 Tonnage Class Weightlifting Shoes - White

The Chinese weightlifting team wears these weightlifting shoes, together with weightlifting suits that are also developed, designed and manufactured by Anta and have waist support (which can effectively prevent muscle damage caused by heavy weights). Best score ever.

Anta 1 National Team Competition Training Weightlifting Shoes / Squat Shoes

For professional weightlifters, "tonnage class weightlifting shoes" is undoubtedly the best choice, but for friends who have insufficient budget and are trying to test weightlifting events, Lu Xiaojun's weightlifting squat shoes should attract your attention.

On the basis of the joint name of Anta and Lu Xiaojun, Lu Xiaojun's own brand has improved and upgraded this pair of shoes, and derived Lu Xiaojun's squat weightlifting shoes. As Lu Xiaojun's personal brand, the positioning is more professional and only makes products related to weightlifting.

Lu Xiaojun Professional Weightlifting Shoes / Squat Shoes - White

Lu Xiaojun Professional Weightlifting Shoes / Squat Shoes - Black

Based on the technology of "tonnage class weightlifting shoes", Lu Xiaojun combined his own experience to make more detailed improvements:

Ventilation holes are added on the toe and sides, and weightlifting is the force of the feet, which generates a lot of heat and sweat. The design of the breathable mesh can improve the stuffiness of the feet, avoid sweating and slipping of the feet.

The sole adopts Lu Xiaojun's LOGO pattern, which adds anti-slip on the original basis, and contains champion elements, and best wishes.

The drop from the ball of the forefoot to the heel is less than 2cm, the drop is more gentle, suitable for most people. If the drop is too large, it is easy for a weightlifter with insufficient skills to lean forward and fall.

As one of the few champion brand weightlifting shoes in weightlifting shoes, its professionalism will not let you down, and now there are two colors to choose from.

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