Champion Weightlifting Shoes | The 2 Best Weightlifting Shoes for Every Lifting in 2023

Champion Weightlifting Shoes | The 2 Best Weightlifting Shoes for Every Lifting in 2023

Compared with canvas shoes, basketball shoes, and running shoes, weightlifting shoes/squat shoes are more professional and technical shoes. Whether you lift professionally or as a hobby, weightlifting shoes are always the better choice. Because you can raise your heels to help you squat. It is also a good choice for friends who like squat training in the gym.

Q: Are weightlifting shoes necessary? (The principle of weightlifting shoes)

I believe that most people know that weightlifting shoes are necessary. Players in professional events will wear professional weightlifting shoes. Some friends are hesitant to buy weightlifting shoes because they don’t look good, they are used to wearing other shoes, or they are just getting started and don’t know how long they can last.

"When you are advanced training, special shoes are the ultimate destination." If you love or plan to take it as a long-term hobby, this investment will not make you lose money.

[More importantly] A pair of correct weightlifting shoes can completely improve weightlifting posture, help improve sports performance, and possibly break your own record! It cannot be brought by other shoes, because weightlifting shoes have a low upper, high heel, hard sole, and high friction, all of which make them very distinctive.

Sneakers are very bad for weightlifting/squatting! Because of the soft sole and soft heel, the entire sole of the shoe is crushed when lifting weights and cannot support the arch of the foot.

The IWF International Weightlifting Federation's introduction to weightlifting shoes clearly states: "Weightlifting shoes are designed to allow weightlifters to squat deeper and improve balance."

The midsole and outsole of weightlifting shoes are very hard, usually made of [wood + incompressible plastic composite material + rubber] (the rubber bottom is to prevent sliding injuries), so don't worry about the sole being crushed when the load is too heavy. The shoes allow you to perform squats consistently and stably.

The height of about 1.9cm keeps the weight of the body in a suitable position, which is also the biggest advantage of weightlifting shoes

As can be seen from the picture above, weightlifting shoes can help you squat deeper, minimize the displacement of the body forward, make the back straighter, reduce the pressure on the lower body, and increase the angle of the soles of the feet, standing on a stable foundation There, the force of the body is fed back to the muscles, so that there is more force to send the barbell up.

Moreover, the explosive force of weightlifting puts a lot of pressure on the feet, and the strength of simple shoelace wrapping is obviously not enough, so most weightlifting shoes are equipped with Velcro to fix them, and the uppers are mostly made of leather materials, both of which can achieve [support, wrapping] 】The role of.

1. Weightlifting shoes purchase guide

Hardness must be enough!
Enough stability!
Enough friction!

The requirements are very simple, because weightlifting shoes are different from other shoes, and weightlifting shoes are very affected by their own elements. The most important thing is to get used to it and adapt to it after wearing it. For example, many people are very uncomfortable when they wear weightlifting shoes for the first time, or they change to new shoes after they get used to it, and they have to re-adjust to the foot feeling.

Except for the above necessary [three must be enough], the heel height and shoe width are also very important when purchasing:

① Heel height: The higher the heel, not the better. If you lean forward too much, the pressure on your knees becomes greater, and it is easy to be pushed forward and kneel.

②Shoe width: The key point here is to consider friends with wider feet. When wearing weightlifting shoes to lift a barbell, the forefoot will move forward slightly. If you buy narrow shoes, it may take more time to adjust Brace it.

In order to be more stable, the edge of the sole of weightlifting shoes generally exceeds the upper, and the competition regulations cannot exceed 5mm, which also needs attention.
If you have flat feet, you can change custom insoles or choose a half size up, the rest is similar.
Never run in weightlifting shoes, they are too hard and can easily cause arch injuries.
Do not use in deadlifts! Because the weightlifting shoes shift your weight forward when you raise your heels, it means you have to pull the bar farther, which makes it harder to lift the bar off the ground.

2. Recommended weightlifting shoes

Best Weightlifting Shoes for Olympic Weightlifting: Anta 2 Weightlifting Shoes
Best Weightlifting Shoes for Beginners: Lu Xiaojun Weightlifting Shoes

Anta 2 National Team Professional Weightlifting Shoes / Squat Shoes


  • 10 patents for weightlifting shoes, 6 world champions
  • The world's first push-type structural design weightlifting shoe

As of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Anta has cooperated with the Chinese Olympic Committee for eight consecutive years. During the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Anta's weightlifting shoes received attention. Now Anta's weightlifting shoes have reached the second generation.

This is the industry's first weightlifting shoe to use a propulsion structure (10 patents). Six world weightlifting champions once wore it to win the championship. In the design process, the intelligent simulation mode is adopted to realize the optimization of the structure. The industry's first H-shaped carbon plate is used in the forefoot area, which can provide better energy feedback and provide propulsion when athletes push the ground to help athletes improve their sports performance.

The unique reinforced rib structure is added to the sole to provide strong lateral support for the athlete's feet during weightlifting. The lateral anti-overturning force is 21% higher than that of the previous generation, ensuring the stability of the athlete and further ensuring the safety of the athlete.

For the single structure, the intelligent simulation mode is adopted, and the structural measurement and optimized design are carried out according to the data. The bottom adopts an anti-overturning polygonal structure design, which provides stable support for the feet when weightlifters perform technical movements, and the backward anti-overturning force increases by 25%. It enhances the stability of athletes in weightlifting situations, provides better support in situations of instability and other wobbly movements, improves athletic performance, and improves safety.


  • If you don't plan to invest much in weightlifting, this price is negative.
  • Anta suspended production and only supplied to the Chinese national weightlifting team. There are only a small amount of stock on the market in the hands of agents, and the sizes are not complete.


  • Price: The Anta 2 is a handcrafted weightlifting shoe designed for Olympic champions, which means it can't be cheap. At $350, it's one of the most expensive weightlifting shoes on the market.
  • Material: The top is a combination of fabric and artificial leather, which is lighter and more resilient than the mixed upper of genuine leather and artificial leather, and is less prone to creases.
  • Color Options: The unisex ANTA 2 weightlifting shoe is available in four colors for men and women.

Lu Xiaojun Professional Weightlifting Shoes / Squat Shoes


  • Dual straps lock your feet securely in place.
  • The shoe has a moderate heel lift and is suitable for most types of lifts.

Reverse double velcro design, stronger sense of wrapping, the velcro part is made of metal buckle, and the buckle part is made of genuine leather, which is more wear-resistant.

The toe box is designed with round air holes and the sides have air mesh sections for breathability. The sole adopts Lu Xiaojun LOGO pattern, hard rubber, and has excellent anti-skid performance. The textile material used on the tongue and heel bolster provides good comfort and support. The outside of the heel of the TPU is covered with a thin layer of rubber material to protect the TPU.

There is a thin TPU support around the forefoot, which is good for the stability of the forefoot. Equipped with a rigid insole for extra stability and support, the insole pattern resembles an "R".

The weight of a single shoe reaches 700 grams, and the stability is guaranteed. The heel height is 4 cm, and the drop from forefoot to heel is less than 2 cm. The descent is gentle and suitable for most.


  • This pair of weightlifting shoes is designed for beginners, so for Olympic weightlifters, it is not as professional as Anta 2.


  • Price: At $216.66, these shoes are some of the best affordable weightlifting shoes worn by Olympic champions.
  • Material: The sole uses Lu Xiaojun LOGO pattern rubber outsole to increase traction and stability.
  • Color Options: The unisex Lu Xiaojun weightlifting shoe is available in both men's and women's colors.


Weightlifting shoes are a great investment for anyone serious about strength training. Lu Xiaojun weightlifting shoes are the best choice for you to try weightlifting, and Anta 2 weightlifting shoes are your choice to become a weightlifting champion.

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