Anta's "Instant ZAP 1" Breaks Through in China's Intense Basketball Shoe Market

Anta's "Instant ZAP 1" Breaks Through in China's Intense Basketball Shoe Market

The Competitive Landscape

In China's current basketball shoe market, brands are locked in a fierce competition where both aesthetics and technology are pushed to the limit. To stand out and make a name is an incredibly challenging feat.

The Emergence of "Instant ZAP 1"

Yet, amidst this cutthroat environment, Anta's newly launched "Instant ZAP 1" has managed to stand out, becoming one of the most popular performance basketball shoes in the market.

Aesthetic Innovation

The "Instant ZAP 1" has not only shattered the preconceived notions about the appearance of Chinese-made basketball shoes but also boasts full marks in technology and performance.

The sleek and speed-oriented silhouette is a significant factor in its popularity, coupled with sharp lines throughout the upper that reflect the designer's expertise.

Lightweight Design

As a guard shoe, being lightweight and breathable is of utmost importance. The upper is covered with a large area of woven mesh, reducing the weight to 375g (US size 9), which is an impressive standard in the performance shoe category.

Branding and Logo

Anta has created a dedicated logo for the "Instant" series, featuring a dual "tornado" structure that highlights the themes of speed and technology.

Favorite Design Elements

One of the most admired design aspects is the side Anta logo, which is cleverly integrated with the TPU wrapping function, and the 3D horizontal line texture above maximizes the sense of speed.

Enhanced Side Protection

To adapt to intense breakthroughs and confrontations, the anti-side turn angle has been significantly reinforced with the A-ATABLE-UP system, ensuring the safety of players' ankles upon landing.

Inner Design

The brand identity is subtly yet firmly asserted with the large "ANTA" letters on the inner side, resembling a band hidden beneath the upper.

Midsole Support

A clear, large arch support is visible in the midsole, providing protection for sharp directional changes.

Endorsement and Personal Touch

The "Instant ZAP 1" is endorsed by New York Knicks' rising star, Donte DiVincenzo, and the initial colorways include personal elements such as the "DD" embroidery on the heel, representing his initials.

Detailing and Identity

The shoe's heel tab features the number "0" embroidery, corresponding with DiVincenzo's jersey number, and the new Anta basketball product logo, which resembles a fingerprint.

Even the tongue's inner side has unique embroidery, with DiVincenzo's nickname on top, a detail that rivals the specifications of signature shoes.

Slogan and Insole Design

The insole incorporates DiVincenzo's initials into the "internet slang" with the hashtag #DDDD (those who know, know) as the slogan for the "Instant ZAP 1", catering to the tastes of young players.

Outsole Complexity

The outsole is quite intricate, with a multitude of segmented textures and several cutouts in the midfoot, with a large "Nitrogen" marking on the heel representing the full-palm nitrogen technology featured in the "Instant ZAP 1"

Lightweight and Responsive

As a lightweight guard shoe, it indeed provides a noticeable lightness and a wearing experience closer to that of a track and field shoe.

The TPU wrap around the shoe body and the midsole offer excellent wrapping feelings, and tightening the laces can achieve a "shoe-foot oneness".

The resilient and bouncy feel of the full-palm nitrogen technology needs no further explanation, having already passed the test of numerous players in real combat.

Color and Recognition

The fresh color scheme adds to the on-foot aesthetic appeal, and the exclusive symbols of DiVincenzo are highly recognizable.


The new Anta "Instant ZAP 1" has officially hit the market, and those interested should act quickly to get their hands on this standout performance shoe.

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