Anta Three-Point Rain

Anta "Three-Point Rain": The Hexagonal Warrior with Top-Notch Comfort and Performance

There are thousands of people and thousands of feet, and every pair of shoes is suitable for someone.

The appearance value ranges from 1 to 5. Let’s rate the appearance value first to see if it counts as a good-looking shoe in your eyes!

Anta Three-Point Rain - The bay

The midsole is the aliphatic supercritical foam midsole used in the thousand-dollar combat shoes of industry brands, or it is full-length! The size 42.5 only weighs 367g and is lightweight. The cement nemesis outsole is wear-resistant and full-length.

The upper is a very high-end woven upper, and it is also Anta's new upper technology: string technology. This upper is inspired by the bionics of silkworm cocoons. A single TPU yarn is wound according to the shape of the silkworm cocoon. It is woven with different densities and shapes according to the sports intensity requirements of different areas, and through the intersection of each TPU yarn The remaining mesh forms breathable holes, which can ensure both comfort and strength, while effectively reducing weight and completing the necessary breathability performance in summer.

Of course, I think the most important thing is that this string technology improves the texture of the entire pair of shoes, which visually makes them more expensive.

Practical evaluation:

Recommendation: If you have big and thin feet, choose as usual. If you have slightly wide feet, you can choose + half size. If you have large and wide feet, try it on. If you have high arches, it is recommended to replace the supportive insoles.

Recommendation: Friends with high arches and those who pursue ultimate arch support can replace insoles with strong arch support.

Although this pair of three-point rain is also a basketball shoe under the KT series, in the basketball matrix division, the splash series is a strong and stable shooter shoe, while this pair of three-point rain is actually more of a shooter shoe with flexible positioning, and That is, shoes that are more suitable for holding the ball, dribbling and emergency stop shooting will be more flexible.

Recommendation: Friends with overturned feet should be cautious. Friends who are overweight (BMI>24, 80KG and above) need to consider this.

Anta "Three-Point Rain" is a mid-range shoe in the Anta series, with excellent performance. We must keep in mind that its price is around US$135.

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