Anta "Shock The Game", a 5-year exploration of a grassroots basketball IP!

Anta "Shock The Game", a 5-year exploration of a grassroots basketball IP!

"Crazy people are always remembered ".

"Love is equal, it's the way we perceive the world".

Anta Shock The Game 1.0
In the summer of 2017, NBA championship member Klay Thompson came to China. Start a "Shock The Game" themed basketball event.

Driving, looking for top field players all over China.

Dunking and falling, square dancing, riding a shared bicycle... Thompson has become a hot topic in China, and has also attracted widespread attention from industry KOL, grassroots fans, Internet celebrities, and basketball celebrities. On the Weibo live broadcast platform, there were more than 30 million netizens watching during the entire trip to China.

Anta Shock The Game 1.0

2017 Shock The Game equipment:

Anta Shock The Game 2.0
In 2018, continuing the "crazy" momentum of 2017, Anta invited fans and Klay Thompson to witness the best players from 10 cities stepping onto the stage of the finals together, and officially opened the "Shock The Game" event regulations.

Roadmap for 2018:

Chinese fans affectionately call Thompson "China Tang"

Anta Shock The Game 2.0

2018 Shock The Game equipment:

Anta Shock The Game 3.0
In 2019, "Shock The Game" went further, and the theme "Shock The Game Theory" caused countless topics. Has become one of the most well-known grassroots basketball IPs in China. Anta has fully upgraded "Shock The Game" and launched new logos, products and competitions, bringing a better experience to countless Chinese grassroots players.

Anta Shock The Game Five Cities

Launched Anta Shock The Game 3.0 "Show", "Attack"

Anta Shock The Game 4.0
2020 is a quiet year due to the outbreak of COVID-19. "Go Crazy" shouted "No Scruples", using "fire" as the image, to pass the spiritual "fire" to 60 cities. Summon basketball crazy people to sweep away the haze with love of sports.

Anta Shock The Game 4 Wave 2, Sweep 2, Heat Wave 2, Attack 2 are also on sale.

2021 Anta Shock The Game 5.0
Taking "Shock The Game" as an entrepreneurial IP of Anta, it has passed the "3-year survival period" and entered a new stage of "5-year development period". From the era of "Klay Thompson"'s all-star effect, it has entered the era of grassroots basketball KOL "full mobilization". Fully combine the game itself and player stories to drive more people to "crazy together".

Anta Shock The Game 5 Wave 3, Sweep 3, Heat Wave 3, Attack 3, and Shock 1 are on sale.

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