ANTA "Shock The Game 6.0" —— Ignite the midsummer again with love

ANTA "Shock The Game 6.0" —— Ignite the midsummer again with love

"Shock The Game" is a series of basketball events created by Anta. After five consecutive years of continuous efforts, it has gradually grown into the "leader" of grassroots basketball events. In this summer, Anta "Shock The Game·6.0" started again, and continued to explore new possibilities for grassroots basketball in China.

"Shock The Game · 6.0" will be based on the theme of "风起云涌 (fēng qǐ yún yǒng refers to the rapid development of things and great momentum)". While continuing the passionate spirit of "Shock The Game", it will also create another "crazy wave" of basketball in China.

At the same time, Anta also provides better equipment, platforms and opportunities for more young people who love basketball and are passionate about basketball through "Shock The Game 6.0".

Bai Jingting, the global spokesperson for ANTA basketball sports promotion, also went to the "Shock The Game·6.0" series of products to experience the actual combat products of ANTA Nitroedge Technology. And through basketball, he personally demonstrated what it means to "love is equal, this is the way we perceive the world." We call on everyone to work with No. 0 players to unlock more ANTA combat equipment!

Shock wave, as the top guard outfield shoe mainly promoted by Shock The Game, has undergone 4 years of iterative upgrades and is optimized every year based on player feedback. The Shock Wave 4 launched this year is inspired by the "crocodile" to provide more comprehensive and excellent sports blessings for the "predators" on the court.

The Anta Shock Sweep 4 combat boots, which are also made for summer actual combat, are also officially on sale.

In addition to sneakers, in order to meet the all-round training needs of basketball fans, ANTA Basketball also launched "Shock The Game·6.0" related clothing products.
The clothing is equipped with Anta's newly developed A-DRY FAST technology platform, which can achieve "dry and non-sticky, easy to wring out when sweating". Reduces discomfort from clothing soaked in sweat during basketball. At the same time, it can reduce the extra load caused by sweating and help players focus more on the game.

In the new year, ANTA Basketball will continue to expand the influence of "Shock The Game", witness every game in the future with all basketball "crazy people" with a wider event scale and a more comprehensive and high-quality series of products. Shock The Game" tour!

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