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Klay Thompson brings the latest KT9 news!

Klay Thompson, known as one of the "Splash Brothers" by fans. His hobby is also inseparable from "splash".

Klay likes water sports very much. When he is on vacation, he often takes his pet dog and drives his own yacht to sea, so many fans call him "Captain".

Recently, Klay joined hands with the brand Anta to start his 2023 China tour. After 4 years, he came to China again to have close contact with fans.

The biggest task of "Chinese Tang" this time is to bring its new signature shoes to the fans:


It is reported that Anta also carefully prepared a "Klay" cruise ship this time, let him to hold his own sneaker product launch conference on the cruise ship.

This time, the KT9 brought by "Chinese Tang" is a new color:

ANTA KT9 “Bay Area Phantom”

As the name suggests, this is the Bay Area where Klay plays for the Golden State Warriors. The upper design pays tribute to the Golden Gate Bridge in the Bay Area, and the ANTA logo on the side and midsole adopt a gradient design.

This color scheme can't help but remind fans of the Golden State Warriors jersey, which is really good.

In addition, the conference also officially announced the configuration information of KT9:

According to the official disassembly diagram, the KT9 configuration includes "full-length nitroedge technology, EVA side walls, SMART S.A.M cushioning, one-piece midsole stabilizer", etc.

The SMART S.A.M cushioning on the back of the KT9 has changed from the arc shape of the previous generation to a circular structure, which significantly increases the area of contact between the shoe and the foot. This also allows players to effectively reduce the pressure on their knees when they land after making a jump shot.

After all, Klay's knee also suffered a major injury, and this design also does its best to protect the players.

In addition, the integrated midsole stabilizer appears for the first time in Klay's sneakers.

Together with the EVA side walls, it forms a support structure, which is also the biggest highlight of KT9. It is reported that in addition to this "Bay Area Phantom" color scheme, there is also this "Captain's Log" color scheme.


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