Hayward Rapid China Tour Anta Hayward 4

Hayward Rapid China Tour Anta Hayward 4

On April 18, 2023, Anta and basketball spokesperson Gordon Hayward launched the "Hayward Rapid China Tour" event. Hayward appeared at the Porsche Experience Center in Shanghai to participate in the press conference of Anta Gordon Hayward 4 new speed basketball shoes. Actual combat with Chinese three-person basketball (Super League players), and share the experience of wearing anta GH4 basketball shoes.

The figure of Hayward running fast on the field and the rich life stories off the field provide continuous design inspiration for Anta Hayward 4 series basketball shoes. The newly released Anta Hayward 4 is inspired by the design of Hayward's car and actual combat needs on the field. The design with a great sense of speed interprets Hayward's fast-break core of "quick start" on the court.

Quick start    Anta Hayward 4   Jointly promote the development of Chinese basketball

At the opening of the event, after Hayward had a driving experience at the Shanghai Porsche Experience Center, he immediately entered the venue with Mr. Xu Yang, CEO of Anta Professional Sports Group, and Ms. Kong Xiangying, Vice President of JD Group and President of the Great Fashion Division, to jointly launch a new generation of signature basketball shoes – Anta Hayward 4.

After the product release, Hayward with Mr. Cai Zhiben, General Manager of Anta Basketball Category Division, and Mr. Shen Zhaoxu, Basketball Shoes Design Director of Anta Basketball Category Division - Gordon Hayward 4 Basketball Shoes Designer. Live chatting about product technology and design concepts.

Including the continuation of the iconic ANTA upward LOGO, the Harness Line is composed of four webbing traction lines running through the shoe body, giving players a customized dynamic wrapping experience; the heel EVA structure and Smart S.A.M system provide lighter, more stable wrapping and Support; with the blessing of Anta's full palm nitroedge technology midsole, the cushioning and rebound performance is effectively improved, and the high-quality control performance of Anta Hayward 4 is guaranteed.

The overall performance has been verified by Anta Sports Science Laboratory, and the weight of the upper of Anta Hayward 4 is 22% lower than that of Hayward 3, and the light texture and wrapping properties have been fully improved.  The lateral anti-slip ability and the rebound ability of the forefoot have increased by 16% and 7% respectively, providing stronger technical support for rapid direction changes.  

In addition, the double stability of the lateral and heel escorts the players to gallop on the court. The details of the appearance constantly echo the inspiration track of Hayward's car, the heel hood of the shoe, the logo of Hayward's window, the texture of the honeycomb radiator, and the one-button start of nitroedge technology.

Finally, the webbing system, four-point hollowing out, and the design of the four dots on the sole all express the "4th generation" label; Hayward's personal signature and LOGO are located on the inside of the heel of the left and right feet respectively; the texture of the bottom of the heel The pattern is designed by combining the map of Hayward's hometown of Indiana and the basketball; and the "March 23 1990" printed on the factory nameplate is exactly Hayward's own birthday.

In the actual combat experience session, Hayward and the Chinese three-person basketball (Super League players) and on-site players had an actual combat confrontation. At the beginning of the first game, although Hayward continued to be double-teamed by his opponents to limit his offense, he teamed up with his friends to break the game with exquisite passes, and scored more three-pointers in a row to win the game.

In the second game, the scores of the two teams were stalemate. Through Zhou Kaiheng's continuous breakthrough and scoring, he quickly started to rush to the basket and led the team to the final victory. The final was even more heated. Hayward's dunk dunk blew up the audience. In the end, the Hayward team won the championship. Hayward selected Zhou Kaiheng as the best performing player.

Highlights of color matching on the sidelines, "Hayward Kiwi" limited to China

Another highlight of Anta Hayward 4 is the frequent creativity in color matching. Anta Hayward 4’s three first color schemes—The Polar White, The Lunar Gray, and The Dark Edition—are all inspired by Hayward’s favorite car, combining the black and gold colors of wheels and tires, and matching with brake calipers to show extreme The appearance with a sense of speed has become a new generation of rapid equipment for players to gallop on the basketball court.

The Snapshot color scheme is also inspired by the bokeh effect of the fast-moving sports car. The TPU technology restores the beauty of the blurred scenery outside the window when the sports car is running at high speed; the hometown color scheme faithfully restores the iconic buildings in Hayward’s hometown of Indiana ——The color of Sailor Square, looking back at the place where he started all the way.

Surprisingly, the 4th generation of Anta Hayward launched a China-limited color scheme - kiwi fruit color, and the design was inspired by one of the main kiwi varieties in China - Hayward kiwi fruit. The color of the shoe body is like kiwi pulp, and the brown rubber on the sole is the color of the peel. The "taste" of kiwi pulp is simulated by the TPU color spraying process.

In addition, the Hayward 4th generation kiwifruit color scheme has a special gift box design. The appearance of the whole green gift box restores the packaging style of kiwifruit fruit. The Hayward LOGO and "20" back number elements are printed all over to create "Hayward Kiwifruit" exclusive colors.

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