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Kyrie Irving and Chinese sportswear brand Anta officially sign a five-year endorsement deal

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Mavericks' Kyrie Irving has signed a five-year endorsement deal with Chinese sportswear brand ANTA, plus the unique position of Chief Creative Officer at the company, industry sources told @TheAthletic @Stadium. Irving's management company, A11Even, negotiated the deal.

@Kyrie Irving:I'm thrilled to announce that I've officially signed with ANTA, a brand that truly understands my vision and values. This partnership is more than a shoe deal, it’s a platform to inspire and uplift others, and through this collaboration, we will encourage all to not only excel in their sport but also find their truth and purpose in life. Together, we'll continue to push boundaries and manifest greatness. Thank everyone at ANTA for believing in me and my journey. And a special shout out to my tribe-A11Even for your love.

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