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Irving signed a sneaker contract with Anta?

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Anta: A well-known sports brand in China. There are offline stores in most countries around the world. It is the sponsored brand of the Chinese national team.

It is a comprehensive and multi-brand sports goods group specializing in the design, production and sales of sports shoes, clothing, accessories and other sports equipment.

Kyrie Irving is currently the biggest basketball free agent and sneaker free agent. After the termination of his contract with Nike, he is preparing to sign a new sneaker contract.

On June 11, Beijing time, according to the photos released by photographer junjdm, in the training camp held by Owen, he stepped on Anta's "Shock Wave 5 Pro".

Owen wore Anta's Hooded Sweatshirt/Pullover Hoodie and Woven Fabrics Athleisure Trousers while watching the Drew League.

This series of interactions makes people wonder whether Owen has reached a cooperation with Anta.

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