Lu Xiaojun Lifter 1.0 weightlifting shoes | 2024 all color matching collection

Lu Xiaojun Lifter 1.0 weightlifting shoes | 2024 all color matching collection

Lu Xiaojun weightlifting shoes were originally co-branded by Anta, and later evolved into Lu Xiaojun's independent brand. A few years later, the Lu Xiaojun brand also upgraded the shoes based on the original technology and officially named them: Lu Xiaojun Lifter 1.0

The new generation of Lu Xiaojun Lifter 1.0 not only strengthens the original technology, but also adds a variety of colors for everyone to choose from.

A total of 5 colors have been added this time, namely: rose, panda, candy, mint green, and silver. Including the previously released black, white, and gold, Lu Xiaojun Lifter 1.0 has a total of 8 colors to choose from.

When choosing a size, it is recommended to take off your shoes and measure your foot length for the most accurate measurement.

Size(CHN is shoe length, cm is foot length.)

Lu Xiaojun weightlifting shoes are famous for being suitable for beginners, mainly due to their following features:
1. Better wrapping feeling. Different from the general weightlifting insoles on the market, the insole of Lu Xiaojun Lifter 1.0 is 7mm, which is almost twice the size of ordinary insoles.
2. The upper is made of multi-layer fabrics for high-strength bonding, and even the tension value of the shoe holes exceeds the national standard by 40%.
3. The drop from the forefoot to the heel is less than 2cm, and the drop is gentle, suitable for most people. If the drop is too great, a less skilled lifter can easily fall forward and fall.
4. Anta has integrated technologies such as A-Wearable and A-Form into its weightlifting shoes. The former improves the wear resistance and anti-slip performance to 2.5 times that of ordinary materials, and has strong gripping performance. The latter is arched A-FORM shock absorber technology that absorbs heel impact and reduces the chance of injury.
5. The upper adopts TALOON's patented fitting system, and two Velcro straps firmly lock the instep. The inside of the shoe fits your foot perfectly in all directions, giving you a comfortable wrapping experience!

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