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Peak Andrew Wiggins AW2 - White/Red

Peak Andrew Wiggins AW2 - White/Red

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Explore more possibilities, built for professional basketball competition. Ignite the desire for actual combat!

It is designed based on Wiggins’ personal style of play and is suitable for players in positions 3 and 4 represented by him. High-explosive professional competitive basketball shoes that fully meet the needs of high-intensity actual combat.

Midsole [triple core] innovative structure:
Upper level flick technology
Full-length shovel type heterogeneous carbon plate
Lower layer lightweight taichi technology

For the first time, the structural concept of competition running shoes is integrated into basketball shoes. The upper and lower double-layered core cushioning technology independently developed by Peak, the upper full-length flick technology, the middle full-length shovel-type heterogeneous carbon plate, and the lower full-length lightweight taichi technology form the AW2 midsole three-core system.

The sense of explosive ejection and propulsion is unprecedented
Double-layer technology + shovel carbon plate + 53MM toe tilt + 7MM keel. The perfect cooperation makes the force transmission smoother, reduces the pressure on the heels and ankles, and brings about the first step of ejection propulsion. Every step of force is like stepping on the starting block.

Use every step with flexibility and freedom
The upper is specially adjusted based on the three-core structure to improve foot tolerance. The forefoot ball-shaped outsole design + reduces the contact area to ensure flexibility when moving left and right. The inner grooves turn up to provide a firm grip during extreme movements.

Stable protection and cushioning support are in place
When jumping with full force and accelerating to cut in
The lightweight taichi in the lower layer absorbs cushioning and rebounds quickly, converting it into upward force and transmitting it to the carbon plate and upper layer. Accelerate the running process, help push up and take off, and reduce energy consumption.

When landing
The Y-shaped carbon plate extending backwards can be dynamically adjusted to stabilize the landing posture, and the inner carbon plate can be turned over to provide arch support.

Upgraded upper for comfort and strength
The upper uses the new Peak SURFACE PRO technology, which is woven with a mixture of high-strength nylon thread + TPU silk. The density is customized based on the stress analysis of the upper movement, making it soft and tough, with both comfort and strength.
A full-coverage hot-melt film is added to the surface to maximize the strength and durability of the upper. The middle part of the shoe body and the heel collar are also additionally reinforc
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