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Peak Andrew Wiggins AW Talent-1 Balance

Peak Andrew Wiggins AW Talent-1 Balance

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Peak AW Talent 1 comes in three starting colors, and this pair is a balanced color. Using black and white yin and yang, holographic Tai Chi combines the meaning of balance. To express Wiggins’ continuous exploration to achieve a better competitive state with his physical and mental balance.

In the name of "talent", Wiggins' basketball spirit is injected into sneakers, bringing a new series of Peak Wiggins - AW Talent 1. We hope to inspire more young people who love basketball to break the doubts of the outside world with Wiggins. Unleash your potential, realize your exclusive talents, and fly high step by step.

Bounce integrated system, flying higher and higher in actual combat
Stable support: accumulating energy for every jump. High-elasticity burst: sensitive response, instant burst. Light footsteps: lightweight experience without burden.

A rapid explosion within a short distance
Triple technology combination: lightness, rebound and cushioning.
(P-SOON technology in the forefoot, lightweight state-of-the-art technology in the back, and flick technology framework in the full palm), which brings sensitive explosive feedback, absorbs the impact of landing and converts it into instant rebound force, making it easy to take off again.

Peak FOOTHOLD anti-twist ejection system: faster start and higher bounce
Large-area ultra-high-strength special-shaped TPU in the midsole + P-SOON technology in the forefoot
The inside and outside of the arch of the foot are turned up to provide stable support when the foot exerts force, effectively transferring force from the back to the front, achieving an instant rebound burst.

Heel stabilization system: Heel-encircling TPU with Wiggins’ personal LOGO
Paired with internal Hong Kong treasure + non-slip cat tongue cloth, filled with thick ankle foam, it forms a heel stabilizing system to ensure stable braking of the heel when taking off with force.

Custom upper system:
Made of high-strength TPU yarn material, the upper is customized with different densities according to the stress-bearing area of the movement.
①.Both sides: Provide support and breathability. ②. Forefoot: Provides good fit and smooth bending.
③. Inside and outside of the forefoot: Provide lateral movement support and reinforcement.

Powerful grip system:
Enhanced wear-resistance, tight grip on the ground, worry-free in outfield combat, and with the slotted forefoot design, it allows for smoother power generation and more flexible steps.
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Customer Reviews

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Blake Suder
Great value for bigger guys

The soles on this are much better and I feel like it give better ankle support for my role on the court (forward/ rebounder)