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Marvel x Anta Klay Thompson Kt6 Venom Black/Pink

Marvel x Anta Klay Thompson Kt6 Venom Black/Pink

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An amorphous costume-like entity,the symbiotic being known as Venom has bonded itself to a number of humans over time, many of whom have been completely overwhelmed by the symbiote's destructive persona. One former host who was able to free himself from Venom's control was the Amazing Spi- der-Man -a fact that the angry parasite has never forgotten. Capable of mimicking Spidey's unique powers and endowing new hosts with its own massive strength, the Venow symbiote's ceaseless rage is a danger to all.

1.3D HUG surround design provides support and stability.
2. The torsion resistance of the carbon plate enhances the torsion resistance of the midfoot.
3. 70% rebound rate of ALTIFLASH outsole, better energy feedback.
4. SMART S.A.M, smart molecules absorb shock and reduce impact.

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