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Marvel x Anta Men's Klay Thompson Kt3 “Black Panther”

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The Black Panther debuted in the 52nd issue of Fantastic Four (July 1966), the title of the successive kings of Wakanda, an African country. The Black Panther is woven from acoustic steel (Vibranium) The uniform is equipped with stealth technology, which can evenly absorb kinetic energy, making him invulnerable.

The image of the panther left a deep impression on the audience. Anta signed the star, Klay Thompson is a big fan of the Panthers. Together with the Panthers, he launched the KT3 Panthers series of joint sneakers. To express respect for the history of African Americans and praise the contributions African Americans have made in American society.

1. TPU woven upper material, strong protection.
2. AUTO-ARCH stable technology, anti-torsion.
3. The black panther pattern is printed on the crystal sole.