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Li-Ning Yushuai 18 - Inherited

Li-Ning Yushuai 18 - Inherited

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With multiple technological blessings, you can hit the match point with all your strength.
* Compared with the previous generation, the overall weight has been reduced by 17%, and a single size 9.5 only weighs 365g

Li Ning Beng Technology, rebound blessing, defeat gravity
The whole palm adopts Li Ning Beng technology, which brings a surging feeling on the feet, full kinetic energy, and one step faster than others.

SAS synchronization coordination system, all-round stable support
Equipped with the SAS synchronization coordination system, combined with the large-area Beng technology in the heel, it provides rebound and explosive power from front to back during startup, allowing a strong attack without fear of emergency stops and changes of direction on the field.

Three-dimensional TPU on the heel, stable support and less prone to sprained feet
The three-dimensional shape of TPU on the heel ensures the stability of the heel when it lands on the ground, protects the ankle from injury, and helps to score points.

Li Ning's GCU ground control system creates a steady pace and attacks boldly
The outsole adopts Li Ning's GCU ground control system, which integrates wear resistance, anti-slip and lightweight. The forefoot bag design provides anti-rollover protection, making emergency stops and starts easy, making offense and scoring easy.

New velvet-like mesh texture improves upper strength
TPU yarn combined with velvet texture design, new velvet texture mesh with special texture fits the theme
Combined with the addition of TPU yarn, the upper strength is improved, strong and durable, and the more you hit it, the stronger it becomes.
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Flashy shoes

My Basketball playing Grandson loves these. They were a birthday gift!