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Donte DiVincenzo x Anta Instant ZAP 1 - Mandarin Duck

Donte DiVincenzo x Anta Instant ZAP 1 - Mandarin Duck

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Donte DiVincenzo x Anta Instant ZAP 1 "Mandarin Duck" adopts the overall design of the left and right feet. Blue and orange are the main colors of the Knicks. The details are also decorated with reverse colors. It is a good-looking pair of practical shoes!

The rhythm of the court changes, always in an instant. Together with Donte DiVincenzo, speed up the stage, and a new beginning.

ANTA Instant ZAP 1 is born for agile defenders who pursue speed and rhythm.

The inspiration for LOGO design comes from "Instant".
Combined with abstract elements such as tornadoes that express speed, the sense of speed of "Instant 1" is vividly displayed through the rotational momentum.

Full palm nitroedge technology, continuous high elasticity, rapid increase in weight. TPU frame structure on the outside of the forefoot provides stable support to increase speed at will.

It is as light as 375g, taking size 43 as an example. It has a lightweight design and can deal with enemies dexterously. Speed up, always before your opponent can react.

A-STABLE UP anti-rollover structure: excellent lateral support performance and torsion resistance, emergency stop and start, rapid control.

TPU frame structure on the outside of the forefoot: Enhances the feedback speed of the forefoot, allowing you to start braking as you wish.

Full palm nitroedge technology: instantaneous speed increase, continuous high bullet support, and surging attack transition.

Alternate textured outsole, hollow outsole: Designed for the movement characteristics of defenders, enhancing traction and adding "lightweight" BUFF.

Italian classic meat sauce, "THE BIG RAGU" is DiVincenzo's nickname, hidden on the inside of the tongue.

Donte DiVincenzo's initials "D.D" are embroidered on the side of the shoe to enhance the recognition of the sneakers.

DiVincenzo's jersey number "0" is printed on the heel, playing side by side to increase speed.
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Rushane Banton
Great shoes

I get lots of compliments on this shoe.These shoes are very nice and comfortable. I highly recommend them and i got them for a great price. They look good with many outfits.