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Anta Shock Wave 4 - Zhaocaijinbao

Anta Shock Wave 4 - Zhaocaijinbao

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Zhaocaijinbao, a Chinese idiom whose pinyin is zhāo cái jìn bǎo, means to attract wealth and make money.

In the Shock The Game 6.0 basketball game in 2022, Shock Wave, the top guard outfield shoe mainly promoted by the Shock The Game, has been officially launched.

Anta Shock The Game 6.0 Shock Wave 4, referred to as Anta Shock Wave 4

Anta Shock Wave 4 is inspired by crocodiles. Describe wave 4 as ferocious in actual combat like a crocodile tearing its prey, bringing a swift experience on the court.

Inspired by the "crocodile" design, equipped with ANTA Nitroedge Technology midsole, the rebound performance and durability are improved, and the energy return rate reaches 82.6%. The upgrade uses thermosetting special-shaped carbon plates, and the torsional moment (30° outside) is 19% higher than that of the previous generation, effectively improving the stability of the shoe body during exercise. The cement nemesis outsole has been upgraded in an all-round way. It not only pays tribute to previous generations of products in terms of texture design, but also achieves double guarantees in terms of grip and wear resistance, and is not afraid of indoor and outdoor venue conditions.

In terms of appearance, Anta Shock Wave 4 adopts a low-cut design for the first time, combined with elastic inner boots and heel wrapping structure, which brings strong wrapping fit to the feet, provides more flexible direction change and stronger adaptability for actual combat performance.

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