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Anta Shock Wave 4 - Jade Rabbit

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The Jade Rabbit, also known as the Moon Rabbit, lives on the moon and is responsible for making medicines in the Moon Palace. It is an animal in ancient Chinese myths and legends.

Inspired by Huskies.The full-hand Anta nitrogen technology midsole is lighter, more elastic, and more durable, bringing surging foot feedback and providing players with kinetic energy supply. The midfoot carbon fiber anti-torsion piece improves stability, the upper technology is woven from high-strength yarn, and the shape changes with the change of force. The TPU support structure on the side of the shoe body improves the lateral support stability and overall wrapping of the shoe body during the direction change process. The cement nemesis outsole is wear-resistant and non-slip, and the multi-directional pattern design provides all-round grip, making it easy to control the outfield confrontation.