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Anta National Team Starfire Training Shoes - Black/Orange

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Newly developed nitrogen technology:
The first nylon sub-embryo foaming process, in the supercritical state, the subversive extreme flick empowerment of the PEBAX material through nitrogen brings a fast running experience.

Anta nitrogen technology, a new generation of midsole technology
The midsole supported by nitrogen technology is divided into two layers, and the lower midsole with a larger area is adjusted to a 50° hardness buffer and shock absorption, which improves stability and reduces damage.
1. The energy return rate rebound is increased by 25% (according to the special training of running sports), NITROEDGE+A-FLASHFOAM.
2. Density 0.09g/cm', the weight is reduced by 31% (the lower the density, the lighter the weight), NITROEDGE+ ordinary EVA material.
3. The durability is increased by 30% (according to the runner's big data sole pressure analysis), NITROEDGE + ordinary EVA material.

The full-length nylon sheet provides excellent support for the three stages of the running action, and the forefoot position provides excellent rolling assist for a bouncy step experience.

Using 3D-body molding technology, with breathable mesh material and a new weaving process, a single-layer one-piece mesh surface is woven to create excellent breathability, which fits the bending and stretching state of the foot.