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Anta 2 National Team Professional Weightlifting Shoes / Squat Shoes - Black/Gold

Regular price $350.00

The sole uses A-Wearable patented super wear-resistant rubber new material.

The arch position uses Anta A-FORM technology, which is a technology derived from the structure of the human foot arch to provide support and stability.

Reduce the impact by about 30%, imitating the structure of the human foot arch, absorbing a certain amount of impact.

The upper has a strap design, which is called the TALOON gripping system, and the two Velcro firmly lock the instep.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Exactly what my granddaughter needs for weightlifting

Chelsea N.
Skeptic about specialized gym gear? Ignorance be gone!

The shoe is a bit wide for my feet, but that's not the shoe's fault. It works great. Great support and even helps with lifts other than the squat. It literally makes you look forward to lifting in general... especially squatting. Easily will help you increase your squat by a good 15%. Went from doing 4-5 reps of 275 to a solid 8 reps just because of the foot/heel support. A damn good investment