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Anta Men's Klay Thompson Kt7 “Neptune soup” Basketball Sheos

Sale price $285.00 Regular price $389.00

In the Warriors' game against the Bucks on March 13, Thompson scored 38 points, ushering in a perfect battle after his comeback. In order to celebrate Thompson's perfect performance in this game after his comeback, Anta launched the "Neptune Soup" color scheme.

The body of the shoe is matched with azure blue and black lines, which looks very two-dimensional.

Black lines are used on the upper to depict a lot of nautical patterns and color theme related elements such as Anta LOGO.

At the same time, many places on the upper are made of material that can be pasted with Velcro, and the sneakers are also equipped with multiple patterned Velcro, which is full of playability!

The configuration of KT7 is quite luxurious. The midsole is equipped with Anta nitrogen technology, nitrogen technology insole, SMART S.A.M intelligent molecular shock-absorbing module, midsole X-shaped carbon plate, shoe body wrap-around nylon support piece, and lateral support TPU.