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Anta Klay Thompson Kt7 - Koi

Anta Klay Thompson Kt7 - Koi

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After the KT6 koi, Anta has another koi sneaker!

"Koi" symbolizes wealth, auspiciousness and health. Anta launched the KT7 koi color scheme near the Spring Festival. It is in line with the Chinese habit of wearing red in the New Year and praying for good luck!

The body of the shoe is based on black, white and red ink painting style. 3D three-dimensional fish scales are also arranged on the TPU of the shoe. The color of the sole is a white-blue gradient. The appearance design clearly highlights the color matching identity of the shoe.

This time, the shoelaces were canceled and replaced with the BOA strapping system, which can be tightened by directly twisting the shoe cover buckle.

The shoe box is a large square shoe box mainly in white, and there is an acrylic envelope on the front, with two koi and KT logo on the envelope. The shoe box can be split into two separate small boxes. After disassembly, the golden small seal script of "知鱼之乐" and two big "" characters are printed on the side. There are also detailed designs of fish scale dark patterns on the shoe box.

This Anta KT7 koi suit is limited to 2022 sets. Here's wishing everyone a happy new year in advance and all the best!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
S OConnor

My grandson very picky about the look of his shoes and he was very pleased with these
I bought them for back to school on hopefully they will hold up they seem to be good quality

Z Mezrahi

Got these for my 18 year old son. Got him a size 11 and it fit perfectly. At first he said it was tight, but we had him wear it around the house before his first day back to school and he broke it in and now it fits great. He gets lots of compliments on them. They are really cool looking sneakers, and just as pictured. Pricey, but definitely worth it.

IT Admin

This is the five month report, after walking about 50 miles a month. The shoes seem to be solidly built. The uppers are still solid and the soles look fresh.

They have a lot of volume. Generous toe box, but also very generous through the rest of the shoe. Based on my experience, definitely do not size up.

Based on performance so far will likely buy again.