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Anta Klay Thompson Kt7 - Course

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From Oakland to San Francisco | Anta KT7 Course

The color scheme of Anta KT7 "Course" is to commemorate the long team history of the Golden State Warriors from Oakland to San Francisco.

The city silhouettes on the upper are the iconic buildings of the two cities. There are numbers 72/10 and 16/1 on the heels, which respectively represent the Golden State Warriors entering the league for 72 years and reaching the finals 10 times, as well as the league's best 16 wins and 1 loss in the playoffs.

The upper is made of tpu yarn flying weave material, equipped with Anta's latest nitroedge technology, cushioning and rebounding.

The mid shoe shape, thick sponge padding, and excellent shoelace restraint system make the wrapping performance of this pair of sneakers directly full.

The inner and outer sides are strengthened with solid TPU, which further improves the stability of the whole pair of shoes. It is very suitable for strikers with heavy weight.