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Anta Klay Thompson Kt6 High - Wave

Anta Klay Thompson Kt6 High - Wave

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Anta Kt6 "Wave" is the main color of pure white, with light blue, simulating waves. It's like a touch of coolness in the hot summer, echoing the Splash Brothers of Thompson and Curry.

3D HUG is a stable support mold ring, and the bottom surface is integrated with a 3D surrounding TPU structure, which provides effective lateral support for the forefoot and stability for the rear palm.

High resilience/anti-deformation/fatigue-resistant materials are used to bring good midsole energy feedback and improve the stability of the midsole.

SMARTS.A.M intelligent molecular shock-absorbing, shock-absorbing and stable instantly when landing. The design of the dark green mountain block echoes the high mountains and flowing water, which prevents inversion and stabilizes the back palm.

The 1267 number on the heel of the sole records the 1267 miles Thompson ran in 5 years from 2014 to 2018, making him the player with the longest running distance in the league.

Thompson's exclusive logo "K" is printed on the tongue, and the Morse code "6" is hidden underneath. The creed and past honor of "FLOW LIKE WATER" shine on the inside of the tongue.

A-SHOCK FIBER lightweight upper enhances the breathability of the shoe and provides a cooling solution for summer sports. The specially-made low-top sock neckline frees the ankles, unleashes the potential, and brings a quick response like flowing clouds and water.

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