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Anta Klay Thompson Kt6 - 剁手

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Anta Kt6 "剁手 chopping hands", inheriting the theme color of Anta 11.11 (November 11 is China's shopping festival.) Inspired by the three-point contest flower ball MONEY BALL. Red, white, and blue splicing, and the asymmetrical design of mandarin ducks opens "剁手 chopping hands" mode. One ball to set the tone, dominate 11.11. Chopping hands (chopping hands: referring to online shopping, spending a lot of money unknowingly, looking back at the bill and annoyed, self-deprecating to chop hands.)

Play with Velcro to create a personalized customization that only belongs to you. The upper surface adopts the Velcro style with a variety of Klay cartoon image sticky buttons, which can be funny and straightforward, and can be combined freely with simplicity and materials to meet all kinds of imagination.

Klay Thompson, as the shooting guard of the Warriors, has always been an idol in the hearts of fans. In the past two years, he missed most of the games due to injuries, but the fans are still looking forward to his return. Recently he has started confrontation training, which means that his injury has been slowly recovering. Fans are looking forward to him and Curry playing for the Warriors again.

In order to welcome Thompson's return, Anta officially released Thompson's sixth-generation signature sneaker - KT6. This sneaker continues the consistent simple style of the KT series, and uses new materials and technologies to make the sneakers even better in performance.

Mr. Zheng Yongxian, the designer of KT6, was responsible for the design of basketball shoes in Li Ning before, and the shoes he designed have appeared on the stage of the Olympic Games and NBA many times. The exterior design of the KT6 is based on the theme of "Mountains and Flowing Water".

Through the water ripple lines and mountain-shaped design of the upper, sole, TPU bracket, it shows the oriental aesthetic concept of "mountains have potential and water has no form". Same design concept as Anta Star Peak series. This design theme also coincides with the nickname of "Splash Brothers".

Specific to the material and technology, the upper is mainly made of knitted fabrics, the toe, the outside and the heel are all equipped with a large area of reinforced covering (3D HUG stable support module), and the crystal outsole is wrapped to the side of the midsole to further strengthen the shoe body.

The midsole uses SMART S.A.M+ALTI FLASH intelligent shock-absorbing rebound module, and is equipped with a large X-shaped carbon plate. These parts are combined to form a 3D FLOW technology system, which gives users sufficient protection and cushioning.