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Anta Klay Thompson Kt6 - Mountain and water

Sale price $155.00 Regular price $196.66

Thompson's offense is smooth and efficient, like flowing water, and his defense is as solid as a rock, standing like a mountain. This is the state of the combination of Shanshui and KT6.

3D HUG stable support module, the integrated 3D surrounding TPU structure on the bottom surface provides effective lateral support of the forefoot and stabilization of the rear palm.

NATURE FLOW, the drop-shaped strap design brings excellent upper wrapping performance.

ALTI FLASH, using high rebound/anti-deformation/fatigue-resistant materials to bring good midsole energy feedback and improve the stability of the midsole.

CARBON FIBER, the anti-torque transmission module provides anti-torsion and front and rear palm force transmission functions with strong performance.

SMART S.A.M, intelligent molecular shock-absorbing floor absorbs impact force and instantly absorbs shock and stabilizes.