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Anta Gordon Hayward GH3 - CNY

Sale price $176.66 Regular price $226.66

The GH3 “CNY” color scheme is inspired by the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Tiger. The upper is a tiger paw pattern, and the heel stabilizer position is a tiger head. It caters to the theme of the year of the tiger and is full of details. The tiger also happens to be Hayward's favorite animal.

GH3 is a practical basketball shoe, which has been adjusted on the basis of the previous two generations, adding the HARNESS strap system, and taking racing seat belts as design inspiration. It not only solves the problem of heel drop, but also improves the overall packaging, which brings a very good improvement in actual combat. At the same time, Anta nitroedge technology is added to the midsole to provide players with a long-lasting kinetic energy supply.