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Anta Gordon Hayward GH3 - Code Rain

Sale price $126.66 Regular price $186.66

Gordon Hayward loves e-sports, so Anta has launched a new color scheme for Hayward's latest signature sneaker, which is Anta GH3 "Code Rain".

The upper part of the sneakers uses a large area of white as the basic color of the sneakers. In addition, a large number of fluorescent green code patterns are embellished on the entire upper part of the sneakers to show the theme of the color design of this pair of sneakers.

The special luminous effect design makes this pair of sneakers have a very outstanding fluorescent visual effect in a dark environment.

The upper part adopts a light and tough upper design with strong wrapping properties. The purpose is to ensure the overall breathability of the pair of sneakers and further improve the overall wearing comfort of the sneakers.

On the front of the shoe body, Anta has added a new HARNESS locking module design, which is inspired by the safety belt of a racing car, with the purpose of improving the overall wrapping performance of the pair of sneakers. Compared with the previous Anta GH2, Anta GH3 "Code Rain" has improved the overall packaging by 94%.

The midsole of the forefoot is joined with the current new generation of midsole technology, Nitrogen Technology, with the purpose of enhancing the start-up feedback speed of this pair of sneakers. A large-area three-dimensional anti-torsion plate design is added to the arch of the foot to improve the overall torsional performance of this pair of sneakers in actual combat.

For the outsole part, the outsole made of rubber material is supplemented by the outsole texture design inspired by the racing track, so as to improve the overall anti-skid performance and grip performance of this pair of sneakers.