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Anta KT Splash 6.0 Lite - White/Orange

Anta KT Splash 6.0 Lite - White/Orange

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Flexible, lightweight and breathable. Designed for summer outfield practice, taking into account both actual combat and wear.

Go out on the street and play with the trend; come in and bloom in the waves
Brand new supportive upper, tougher and more breathable. Detachable straps for more comfortable wrapping. Newly upgraded outsole, traction and anti-slip, integrated shoe and foot. 3D hollow foot anti-torsion piece reduces the weight of the shoe body and improves the stability of the shoe body. The elastic technology midsole provides kinetic energy and provides a flexible and elastic feel.

ANTA's elastic technology creates a resilient foot feel
"A-FLASHEDGE" elastic midsole technology combines lightweight and stable resilience. It brings a continuous high-energy practical experience and provides a steady stream of power. Like the waves, the waves are turbulent and attack like a violent storm.

Strong packaging, integrated shoes and feet, assisting the court with full output and freezing opponents
Removable wrap-around strap
The vertical package tightening performance is improved by 20%, and the dynamic fit and emergency stop and direction change are only sudden.
Binding system, comfortable wrapping
The binding system composed of shoelaces and Velcro can enhance the wrapping, stabilize the binding, reduce tongue deviation and improve the integrity of the shoe and foot.

Outsole Cement Nemesis wear-resistant and non-slip outsole, which breaks through direction changes and is more non-slip
Water ripple outsole
The new wear-resistant and anti-slip cement nemesis technology formula has a wear-resistant and anti-slip performance that is 20% higher than that of conventional rubber.
Stabilize the arch of the foot and protect it
The side of the shoe is made of upturned rubber material, combined with a hollow stabilizing piece in the midfoot, to improve the stable support of the arch and anti-rollover performance. Run wildly and take to the field.

Full of details, stunning appearance
Hollow tongue: convenient for lifting and easier to put on and take off.
Brand logo: LOGO logo, highlighting the identity of Anta KT series. K-label insole.
Sole details: "CREATE YOUR OWN SPLASH" creates your own splash and inspires players to move forward.

Color display: ivory white/cloud brocade orange, basic black/papery white, athletic blue/mint blue, mist purple/light mist purple, ivory white/ultramarine blue/castle gray.
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