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Anta Klay Thompson Kt8 - Gold Blooded

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In order to pay tribute to the hard-won victory, Anta launched a special color scheme of "Gold Blooded" for KT8.

The design of the special shoe box is inspired by the outer box of the NBA championship trophy, and the KT lettering expresses the identity straight to the point, highlighting the epic and precious status.

After the magnetic shoe box is opened, the upper part contains the sneakers, and the lower part is a drawer-style design, containing the special version of the ball suit. The special edition jersey has GOLD BLOODED printed on it.

On the basis of the white background color, the upper is presented with a large area of gold! The large area of leather material on the upper part further highlights the glory of gold. A large number of irregular texture designs echo the color theme of "Gold Blooded". Thompson's personal logo pattern on the heel indicates the identity of the signature shoe.

The shoelace system has a golden Arabic numeral "8" pattern design, representing the identity of the eighth-generation signature shoe. The upper can be switched and deformed, and when folded down, the four championship ring patterns inside will be revealed.

The tongue is designed with a flash card shaking logo, and the content can be replaced between ANTA and the sneaker theme GOLD BLOODED. There are a lot of golden flicks on the upper, and the golden blood spreads to the center bottom, showing a gushing tension.

The translucent crystal outsole also has an extended design of golden blood, which echoes the theme and improves the overall design level. The shooters with golden blood are printed on the insoles, and what Klay said to the camera when the Warriors advanced to the finals last season: "All those days in the dungeon paid off!

Customer Reviews

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Oscar Rodeles

They are nice looking, expensive Anta shoes. I get compliments on their appearance. I don't wear them in the yard or to play. If you are looking for shoes that make a statement. Look no further.

Bill Yu

perfect product
beautiful shoe box
I like it!