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Anta Klay Thompson Kt8 - Black camouflage

Anta Klay Thompson Kt8 - Black camouflage

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Anta Klay Thompson Kt8 "Black camouflage". The stadium is like a battlefield. Black tough woven fabric with camouflage, hope players have nothing to fear. The golden Logo is like a medal, lighting up the whole pair of shoes.

Anta's first practical basketball shoe that can be switched between high and low. The snap button is closed, and it is in a low-top state. Flexible steering and multi-directional attack, quick response to movement, and quick performance on the assist court. The snap button is opened, and the high top is in the state. Protect the anchor, stabilize the boat, improve ankle stability, and effectively deal with fierce fighting.

The KT8 is multi-directional and stable, and it is built for projection. The 3D FLOW system is newly upgraded, taking into account protection and quick response.
X = stable support
3D molded variable upper, large anti-torsion piece in the midfoot, water ripple anti-slip outsole
Y=Smooth passing marks
Special-shaped carbon plate on the whole palm, smooth power transmission between the front and rear palms, and quickly enter the shooting state
Z=quick jump
Nitroedge technology insole, nitroedge technology midsole, SMART SAM taking into account both take-off and landing

Full palm Anta nitroedge technology midsole, equipped with technology for the national team. Lighter, more resilient, more durable.
The energy return rate is 82.6%. Special adjustments are made according to the basketball game. Every step is a strong energy recovery, which detonates the next step and starts quickly.

Full-length special-shaped carbon plate, smooth and excessive, strong support, and improved stability. Full palm coverage provides strong support, smooth power transmission between the front and rear palms, and quickly enters the shooting state.

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Karen Etheridge

Love these sneakers. Great fit and hold my feet up right with ankle supper.