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Anta Klay Thompson Kt8 “Baseball”

Regular price $366.66

Inspired by the American baseball team "Dodgers" where Klay Thompson's younger brother belongs, this unique KT8 "Baseball" is launched.

The tannin upper made of special materials, the classic color combination of white, blue and red, plus a series of stitching and embellished baseball details, echo the color theme.

Full palm Anta nitroedge technology midsole adopts embedded design to run through the whole palm. The newly upgraded 3D FLOW system is added to provide stronger stability for the whole pair of shoes, which is suitable for you who are a shooter. The shovel-shaped carbon plate that runs through the whole palm extends from the toe position to the heel, achieving smooth power transmission between the front and back palms.

The V-shaped shoelace system locks the feet, nitroedge technology insole + nitroedge technology midsole and heel SMART S.A.M ballistic technology filling, providing strong cushioning support.