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Anta Klay Thompson Kt7 Pro - Lucky 11

Sale price $289.99 Regular price $399.99

Anta Kt7 Pro “Lucky 11” ,lnspired by Klay Thompson's lucky number 11, the color scheme is presented in the form of cartoon stick figures.

The new NBA season is about to start. After two seasons of recovery and adjustment, Klay Thompson is about to return to the NBA. Anta and this high-quality basketball idol "forged ahead". Introduced the KT7 with new upgraded technology.

KT7 integrates the aesthetic concept of oriental landscape, and its special wave pattern is like a beautiful landscape painting.

The upper uses Anta's SPEED FIBER technology, a high-density yarn upper with excellent breathability and support.

The new nitroedge technology midsole carried by KT7. It is made of ETPU supercritical physical foaming, and the energy rebound reaches 82.6%. At the same time, the density of nitroedge technology is also greatly reduced, and the midsole material of KT7 is less than 100 grams. Based on the material characteristics of ETPU, the durability of the KT7 midsole has also increased by 21%. Made it lighter, more elastic and longer lasting!

On the heel package, Anta has further upgraded the KT7. Thicker foam padding, raised fabric upgrades on small pillows. Using a special fabric, it is smooth when entering, and the friction will increase in the opposite direction. The comfort of the heel is guaranteed to the maximum extent, and the phenomenon of heel drop will not appear.

The special reflective LOGO on the KT7 will show different patterns at different angles: Anta, Thompson's LOGO and jersey number.

The newly upgraded 3D FLOW system continues to strengthen the support performance and cushioning ability of the shoe body. And continue to use the smart shock-absorbing black technology Smart S.A.M sneaker technology. The oversized midsole, special-shaped carbon fiber sheet and nylon fiber stabilization system bring KT7 unprecedented midsole anti-torsion performance and stability.