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Anta Klay Thompson Kt7 Bulldog "Rocco"

Sale price $166.99 Regular price $199.99

The KT7, inspired by Thompson's dog ROCCO, uses white-brown imitation plush material on the upper to highlight its cuteness.

The tongue LOGO is like the green lawn at the door of the house, and the bright orange embellished with the shoe body reflects the vitality of ROCCO when playing.

The upper adopts Anta's SPEED FIBER technology, a high-density yarn upper with good air permeability and support. The outsole is a very transparent gradient crystal outsole, which is non-slip and refreshing.

Continuing the 3D system of the previous generation, it is composed of carbon plates and strong nylon. Bring excellent stability.

The midfoot is recessed inward to prevent the carbon plate from being scratched by everyday wear.

Latest nitroedge technology midsole. Using ETPU supercritical physical foaming, the energy rebound rate reaches 82.6%.