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Anta Klay Thompson Kt3 Black/Gold

Regular price $179.99

Released on September 26, 2017, KT3 was designed by Robbie Fuller, creative director and well-known designer of Anta sneakers. As the third pair of personal signature shoes of Anta's head spokesperson Klay Thompson, KT3 is inspired by the nickname "Splash Brothers" shared by Thompson and Curry. KT3 is also designed with the shape of the splash, and the splash runs through the entire pair of boots. The upper of the sneakers adopts A-WEB breathing mesh surface, with a ventilation window design, and the upper surface technology based on material properties and structural frame can provide good upper surface support and ventilation performance. The midsole is made of high-density elastic EVA material, and the PHYLON midsole is foamed to effectively improve the bottom cushioning support effect, and a cushioning pad is placed on the back palm. Compared with the 2nd generation, the 3rd generation adopts a unique detachable ankle locking design, which provides better protection for the ankle.

This pair of Anta Thompson 3rd generation KT3 black and gold Low color matching uses pure black to dress up the entire shoe body. The tongue logo, shoelace holes and the line decoration added to the midsole are all decorated with bright gold full of metallic texture, and the English details are also added to the heel. Eye-catching, "BE A CHAMPION" means the unremitting pursuit of the championship.