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Anta Gordon Hayward GH3 - Cowboy

Anta Gordon Hayward GH3 - Cowboy

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Anta GH3 “Cowboy” , the denim is restored in a large area on the upper, and the metal and brown crystal soles are added to echo the western cowboy.

Using Anta Nitroedge Technology, specially adjusted for basketball sports, lighter, more resilient, and more durable, continuously bringing high-energy actual combat experience, providing players with a lasting supply of kinetic energy, quick start, strong rebound.

Innovative HARNESS binding system, inspired by racing seat belts, is used to fix the feet by pulling the straps on both sides of the shoe body to enhance the wrapping of the upper.

A large area of three-dimensional anti-torsion sheet is used in the middle of the foot, and the shape is taken from the map of Hayward's hometown of Indiana , To meet the needs of high-strength actual combat.

The large shading is inspired by the car tire bottom pattern and racing flag, which enhances the grip while enhancing the wear resistance.

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