All City 12 ENCORE

All City 12 ENCORE Makes a Stylish Debut

It's no exaggeration to say that the All City 12 has the lowest market presence in recent years among the All City series, without a doubt.

Since the All City 9, the series has been witnessed by all in terms of both sales volume and reputation. In addition to excellent performance control, the Quan Cheng series has also gained global recognition from basketball enthusiasts for its appearance and color schemes, even making the women's shoes successfully break into the mainstream as an option for everyday wear.

For the All City 12, the most talked about is not its performance but its appearance. In terms of design, the All City 12 has lost its former charm. Although some color schemes are visually appealing, the overall appearance has not received a positive evaluation.

Lacking the "cool" label, coupled with fierce competition among mid-range basketball shoes on the market, it's only natural that the attention for All City has declined.

However, this pair of All City 12 ENCORE has successfully brought back the "cool" label.

With its sharp design, the logo placement reminiscent of the Infinity 3.0 at the heel, and excellent color schemes, the charm of the All City 12 ENCORE is maximized.

Even if you don't play basketball, I believe the casual attributes of these shoes will catch your attention.

When you place the two shoes side by side, it's hard to find any correlation between the All City 12 and the All City 12 ENCORE, in terms of both appearance and sole.

It could even be said to be the All City 13.

However, from the perspective of naming and style, I boldly speculate:

The All City series may, in the future, take over the dual-version approach of the Wade series, with one pair focused purely on actual gameplay and the other on a more conceptual design.

Although the All City 12 may not be top-tier in terms of product charm, it still has advantages on the performance side.

The All City 12 ENCORE, on the other hand, has more conceptual design elements, is more trendy, and more sci-fi, a product that can explore more possibilities.

If this is indeed the case, then the annual All City 12 ENCORE will become one of the most anticipated products for sneaker enthusiasts.

It has design, ingenuity, and casual attributes.

What do you all think about the All City 12 ENCORE?

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