Li-Ning "Liren 4 V2" Fluorescent Green: A Dynamic Sneaker for the Court

Li-Ning "Liren 4 V2" Fluorescent Green: A Dynamic Sneaker for the Court

The Excitement of a New Sneaker

It's not often that a pair of basketball shoes comes along that genuinely excites me, but the Li-Ning "Liren 4 V2" in fluorescent green has done just that. The fluorescent effect at night is really shocking.

A Perfect Fit for Narrow Feet

As someone with a narrow foot type, low arch, and flat feet, I found the size 45 to be a perfect fit. The shoes are true to size with no bias in sizing, and the last is designed to accommodate narrow feet comfortably. The design is slightly low-cut, which might not suit those with higher insteps, but for narrow feet, it's an excellent choice.

The static wear experience is comfortable, with a low front and high back that provides a natural and smooth incline. The shoe's design caters to a dynamic playstyle, with a (center of gravity) that feels just right for quick movements and changes in direction.

Cushioning and Responsiveness

The full-length BOOM (䨻) cushioning technology combined with a full-length PEBAX shovel-shaped midsole offers a substantial and direct response. Upon landing, the court feel and material rebound are well-balanced, making for a smart design that doesn't drag when pushing off the ground. At 160 pounds, the heel cushioning is more than adequate, providing a bounce that's firm yet soft, suitable for those weighing up to 180 pounds.

Lockdown Fit and Integration

The snug and low profile of the shoe offers an immediate sense of lockdown and snugness. There's no excess space, and the interior doesn't press against the arch, making it suitable for flat feet. The low center of gravity in the forefoot and the natural flex point work in harmony with the midsole's anti-twist plate for support and assistance.

Lightweight and Agile

The weight of the size 45 is around 407 grams, which is remarkably lightweight for a larger shoe size, contributing to a smooth, ground-hugging experience. This lightness, combined with the shoe's design, results in a fluid motion that's unparalleled.

Ventilation and Traction

The ventilation is excellent, with noticeable heat dissipation, making it ideal for the summer court season. The outsole's pattern, resembling electric currents, is strategically arranged and covers a broad area, providing excellent grip. The hardness measured around 64, making it suitable for indoor use, though it's worth noting that the shoe tends to attract dust, requiring regular maintenance.

Anti-Rollover Protection

The low front center of gravity and the TPU wrap around the midsole's exterior, along with the reinforced hot-melt film on the upper, ensure stability and prevent the shoe from rolling over during play.

A Well-Rounded Performer

In summary, the Li-Ning "Liren 4 V2" is a versatile performer with no apparent weaknesses. Its striking colorway and sleek design are hard to resist. It's ideal for guards with a combination of quickness and strength who love to move around the court. Even forwards who prefer to operate on the perimeter will find these sneakers manageable.

Value and Market Reception

The "Liren 4 V2" has a suggested retail price of 236 USD, and it has remained stable in the market, currently ranging around 210-220 USD. The consistent market price is a testament to the shoe's reputation and performance.


My honest evaluation is that these are excellent shoes for actual gameplay. After a thorough testing session, I couldn't find any significant flaws. These are my truest feelings, and I've not exaggerated or underplayed any aspect of the shoe. If there are any other sneakers you'd like to see reviewed, please leave a comment, and I'll make it happen.

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