ANTA Nitroedge Technology

ANTA Nitroedge Technology

The competition between sports brands depends on the competition of products; the competition of products is the competition of sports technology behind the products; the competition of sports technology is mainly reflected in the competition of midsole technology; the competition of midsole technology mainly tests The most important thing is each brand's ability to use and adjust midsole materials.

On September 27, 2021, Anta held an online innovation and technology conference: 动创未来.

动 (sports) 创 (innovating) 未来 (future), it is clear that innovative technology should be used to empower professional sports, and create future-oriented professional sports products for every athlete and consumer in the new era. At the same time, Anta launched The latest midsole technology, Anta Nitroedge Technology.

ANTA Nitroedge Technology is a midsole technology. That is, nitrogen is injected into the supercritical foaming technology of the midsole material. Under the support of nitrogen, the midsole material realizes supercritical physical foaming.

First: The foaming method of Anta Nitroedge Technology, the resin is filled in the mold, the mold is put into the autoclave, and then the temperature is raised, saturated with nitrogen, and the pressure is released after a certain period of time. After cooling, take it out, which is the molding midsole.
Nitrogen blessing, supercritical physical foaming, integral molding. Anta's foam materials are PEBA, TPAA, TPEE, EVA and so on.

Second: The characteristics of Anta Nitroedge Technology, rebound, light weight, and long-lasting. Anta uses three sets of data to prove these three characteristics. Through their tests, the rebound of the midsole of Anta Nitroedge Technology can reach 86.8%, and the density of PEBA foam of 0.09g/cm increases the durability by 30%.

Third: The application of Anta Nitroedge Technology, this midsole technology, is now also applied to some specific shoes, such as Anta C202GT, KT7, and the Winter Olympics award-winning shoes related to the 2022 Winter Olympics, torch relay shoes, athletes Appearance shoes and so on. Anta nitroge technology will be applied to 75% of products by 2025.

Fourth: Compared with the traditional foaming technology that uses carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, Anta Nitroedge Technology uses nitrogen foaming, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions, is more environmentally friendly, and more sustainable.

As a well-known sports brand in China, Anta also looked forward to the future of the brand at this press conference. In addition to Anta Nitroedge Technology, Anta will also integrate the latest A-Warm Tech into related products for the Winter Olympics. And in the golden autumn every year in the future, Anta Innovation Technology Conference will be held to release the latest sports product technology.

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