Anta Klay Thompson KT9

Exposure of KT9 Sample and KT9 Golf version

Reprinted: XCin Sneaker Consultant

The two exposed Sample colors are from Douyin bloggers:
Hao Yuanyuan Tongji branch

Klay Thompson wears KT9 golf version during activities
Da Zhou also showed the details of the relevant sneakers on Weibo

When most people see KT9 for the first time, especially when they see the golf version first, the words will come out of their hearts:

"Isn't this KT8?"

In terms of styling, the similarity between KT8 and KT9 is indeed very high.

Move the Anta logo to the middle, add a KT logo on the heel, raise the upper, and fine-tune the midsole outline.

If it is two pairs of shoes of the same color scheme, it is really difficult to distinguish them from a distance.

If you give a score to the design of KT9, out of 10 points, how many points will you give?

9 points? Or 6 points? Or even a failing grade?

For those friends who are "innovative" like me, it is impossible to score high.

But when it comes to design details, it is also impossible to say that KT9 has no thought at all.

The focus of the heel support

Adjustment of carbon plate shape

Increase in original upper height

And the change in the profile of the sole...

All are optimized for the original version


As far as the sole is concerned, at first glance, there will be a feeling of the first generation of cow hoof:

The targeted area arrangement satisfies the external support, while improving protection, it will not have too much impact on flexibility.

In terms of pure vision, the lines of the KT8 midsole are more simple and smooth, while the 9th generation has become a series of mountains, and the aesthetic level is indeed discounted. But the functional performance, on the contrary, made us look forward to it more.

Simply put

You can understand KT9 as KT8.5 or KT8 Pro

Similar to the operation logic of ZK456, work hard on the details instead of radically transforming the product. Although we haven't talked about the relevant stories with the small partners inside Anta, we guess: this operation is most likely Thompson's request.

Friends who have passed KT8 should know that the weight of KT8 is not particularly light, and the demand for "weight gain" was proposed by Thompson himself.

He thinks that the light sneakers are very floating on the feet, and there is no sense of security. He hopes that the sneakers can have a certain sense of presence on the feet. Therefore, today when lightweight becomes the mainstream, KT8 seems a bit "rebellious".

The Velcro of the KT5 and the requirements of the shoe shape were also based on Thompson’s own requirements. Therefore, judging from past experience, the shape of KT9 this time is infinitely close to the style of KT8, which should be KT's idea.

The only doubt now is the carbon plate shape of the outsole.

What is the significance of this carbon plate shape?

KT's own player version, is it the same carbon plate shape?

These, we have to wait for the official release of KT9 to know.

Still the same problem:

KT9 is in your heart, out of 10 points, how would you rate it?


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Looks like the adidas Don issue 2 & 4 🤨🤨🤨


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