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Anta official announcement! Newcomer + New basketball shoes, this time he is faster than Irving!

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Earlier, Chinese brand Anta posted two photos about basketball shoes in the official social media.

It caused a lot of fans to speculate.
And on the morning of October 12, 2023, Anta was finally announced. As everyone had speculated before, Donte DiVincenzo, the New York Knicks, officially joined Anta.

Not only that, Anta also brought a new Anta basketball shoes to DiVincenzo:

In fact, on the previous NBA media day. Donte DiVincenzo, who appeared in the new team, had already put on a new basketball shoes, but it was not officially announced at the time.

In the preseason match against the Celtics, DiVincenzo foot on Anta Shock Wave 5 Pro "Halloween".

However, with Anta's official official announcement, more details about sneakers are also displayed in front of everyone.

Anta Instant 1 is personally designed by the previous Lining Speed, Lining Badfive series designer Yan Yan. From joining Anta to Instant 1 debut, it has only about half a year before and after. It can be seen that Teacher Yan Yan's superb design skills and Anta product departments have strong execution capabilities.

Overall, Instant 1 is very light. According to official data, 43 yards of Instant 1, the weight is only 375g.

In addition, Instant 1 uses Anta's "Nitroedge Technology", and the lines of the lines and hollowedout midsoles are very practical for the dexterous defender players who pursue speed and rhythm.

The TPU frame structure and the anti -flip structure of the side of the shoe side are given a stronger stability of the sneakers.

Donte DiVincenzo's abbreviation "D.D" is also presented in an embroidery.

It is reported that the first Instant 1, including 4 colors:

Donte DiVincenzo x Anta Instant ZAP 1 - New York Instant

Donte DiVincenzo x Anta Instant ZAP 1 - White Chocolate

Donte DiVincenzo x Anta Instant ZAP 1 - MOP

Donte DiVincenzo x Anta Instant ZAP 1 - Garden

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