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Best Marathon Running Shoes - Anta C202 GT

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  • 3D carbon plate + NITROSPEED NUC technology
The "sandwich" structure has become the standard configuration of racing carbon plate running shoes nowadays. To stand out, the performance of the midsole material and the precise adjustment of the carbon plate are essential.

Anta C202 GT midsole adopts NITROSPEED NUC technology, which is a branch technology of ANTA Nitroedge Technology that Anta has vigorously promoted in the past two years.

The so-called ANTA Nitroedge Technology refers to the technology of injecting nitrogen into the Pebax foam material.

The nitrogen injection foam material mentioned here is not a physical air cushion shoe, but refers to the injection of liquid nitrogen before foaming. After the foaming is completed, the liquid nitrogen evaporates into nitrogen gas. Numerous air bubbles that are invisible to the naked eye form inside the material.

This has two advantages. On the one hand, it makes the material lighter after foaming, and on the other hand, it makes the material have better resilience.
  • The midsole material is designed with dual density
Generally, the upper and lower layers of foam in the midsole of carbon plate running shoes have almost no difference except for the difference in shape, but the upper and lower foam layers of Anta C202 GT adopt a double-density design.

Specifically, they are all NITROSPEED NUC materials, but the hardness of the upper NITROSPEED NUC material of C202 GT is different from that of the lower layer-the upper layer has a hardness of 40°, and the lower layer has a hardness of 50°.
In addition to providing basic rebound cushioning, the two layers of foam have different emphasis on performance. The upper layer is more biased towards rebound feedback, while the lower layer is mainly used for cushioning and shock absorption, while providing a certain degree of stability.
  • Full palm 3D bionic foot carbon plate
Compared with the common shovel-shaped carbon plates on the market, the full palm carbon plate of Anta C202 GT has increased the horizontal curvature of the surface. This is based on ergonomic considerations. The double-curved heterogeneous design can make it more suitable for the foot shape. Make the transition of the soles of the feet from touching the ground to exerting force more smoothly, and play the role of stabilizing support, advancing and speeding up.
  • Space Fiber light woven upper
The upper of Anta C202 GT adopts Space Fiber light woven upper. The main feature is that it is light, transparent and flexible, and the weight of the upper is only 9.9g.

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