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Anta Men's Dragon Ball Super "Son Goku"

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The midsole and the back strap "do as in internal waves" are the moves Sun Wukong often uses. "Turtle Qigong". The shoe body is "Enlightenment" and "Turtle" is the mark on the Taoist robe that Sun Wukong once wore. It is also a magic sticker. Design, freely detachable insole pattern is "KA ME KA ME HA", which is the English name of turtle qigong, and is printed with Wukong's iconic four-star dragon ball.

1. Wear-resistant rubber is used for the sole.
2. Multi-material laminated upper.
3. A shock spherical heel in the midsole.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Frank B.
 constantlymoving for a valet and I love the comfort.

Not really about brand but definitely will get it again. comfortable and affordable. as a valet, this the shoes for you. Rain or shine

Jim and Susan Nulf

Exactly as advertised. Great value.