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Anta Women's Marvel

In September 2018, Anta and Marvel jointly launched the SEEED running shoes with the theme of Marvel heroes for the first time. Because of the excellent styling design, excellent sales results have been achieved.

On March 8, 2019, the release of "Captain Marvel" and the finalization of "Reunion 4", Anta and Marvel jointly launched the Marvel superhero series of women's shoes.

In this carnival season for Marvel fans, Anta found COMOON and hopes to ignite the storm of new Marvel co-branded products with the most explosive advertising vision!

In order to make the creative content and logic close to the Marvel series to the greatest extent, this time the main push has chosen the decisive roles in two recent movies: Thanos and Captain Marvel. We have tailored a set of exclusive visual language for the sale of this series of joint shoes.

The entire series includes Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Black Panther
Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America.

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